Digicomic - The Layoff Arc 2
New site underway 01/11/2009
spargs Hola there peoples ...

Well, if anyone still reads this site after my years of not updating, you will have noticed that the old site was blasted away without a trace thanks to a not-terribly competent hosting company.

Of course, being a not-terribly competent site admin, I neglected to back up the site properly and lost most of the code to the website and a large chunk of the news posts as a result.

Rather than attempt to rebuild the old site I decided to do a quick revamp in a style that makes reading on an iPhone (or iPhone related devices) easier.

When I can be arsed I shall dig through my archive CDs and reupload hundreds upon hundreds of comic strips.


All Old Comics Back Up 02/11/2009
spargs The archive has been restored! Must remember to do a proper backup now so this doesn't happen again (he said, immediately putting it off till later).